Accomodation at Mrs. Pócza


  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Lutheran Church
  • Szapáry-casstle
  • Mansion of Felsőbüki Nagy Pál
  • Golf course
Due to the geolocation of Bük there is the possibility of taking pleasant trips. There are many sights in the area:
  • Sopron, Fertőd, Fertőrákos, Nagycenk
  • Szombathely, Ják, Oriszentpéter, Szalafő
  • Kőszeg, Velem, Cák, Bozsok
  • Sárvár, Celldömölk
As the Austrian border is so close, it's possible to take trips to Austria:
  • Szombathely-Búcsú 30 km
  • Kőszeg 22 km
  • Sopron-Kópháza 55 km
Spare-time activities:
  • Fishing: Répce, Rába, lakes near Bük
  • Horse riding: Ablánc, Zsédeny, Söpte
  • Shooting: Csepreg, Simaság, Szombathely, Kőszeg
  • Wine trip: Ság-hill, Vaskeresztes, Sopron, Somló
  • Cycling: on extended cycle paths of Bük and Irottkő
  • Water trips on River Rába (between Szentgotthárd and Nick)
  • Arboretums in Kámon, Jel, Szeleste

Sightseeing in the area

Bükfürdő well known in whole Europe has become one of Hungary's most important watering-place in the second half of the 20th century. 19 pools in a 13-hectare territory are waiting for the guests in Bükfürdő.
    6 indoor, one semi-covered, 12 open-air swimming baths 6 thermal baths (32-34°C) 4 medicinal baths (32-39°C) 4 pools for children 1 swimming-pool (24-26°C) 2 treating baths 1 diving pool 1 pool with slide

The medicinal water in Bük is effectively applicable for the treatment of the following diseases:
  • spondylosis (spondylosis)
  • arthrosis (arthrosis)
  • osteoporosis (osteoporosis)
  • discopathia
  • lumbago
  • Bechterew-disease
  • chronic arthritis
  • gout
  • rheumatism of soft parts
  • rehabilitation after orthopaedic- and neurosurgery
  • chronic gyaecological, urological inflammation
  • chronic gastric influenza
  • gastric ulcer
  • dyspepsia
  • serious heart and circulatory diseases
  • thrombosis
  • malignant tumour
  • tuberculosis
  • acute inflammations
  • pregnancy
Therapic possibilities:
  • water jet massage under water
  • bubble bath
  • weight bath
  • parafango compress
  • dry and wet physiotherapy
  • medical compress
  • electrotherapy
  • drinking cure
Other applied therapies:
  • inhalation
  • oxygen-therapy
  • laser-acupuncture
  • soft laser treatment
  • full-scale dental treatment available in the institute
Other services:
  • solarium
  • sauna
  • pedicure
  • Thai massage
  • sole reflex massage